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Discover the essence of Quranic wisdom as you learn through EjazeQuran’s thoughtfully curated courses. Each offering is a gateway to deeper understanding, inviting kids and adults alike to embark on a journey of spiritual enrichment. Welcome to our Courses page, where enlightenment begins.


Basic Qaida

Embark on the journey of Quranic reading with our Basic Norani Qaida Course. Perfect for beginners, this course lays the foundation for Arabic reading and pronunciation, incorporating fundamental Tajweed rules. Ideal for children and newcomers, it paves the way for a strong start in Quranic learning.


Quran Reading

Immerse yourself in the complete recitation of the Quran with our Nazra Quran Course. Tailored for learners of all ages, this course emphasizes correct pronunciation and Tajweed. Progressively covering the entire Quran, it provides a comprehensive journey into the beauty of Quranic recitation.


Quran Memorization

Embark on the noble path of memorizing the Quran with our Hifz e Quran Course. Tailored for dedicated learners, this course delves into memorization techniques, with a strong focus on Tajweed and fluency. Receive guidance and support throughout your memorization journey, fostering a deep connection with the Quran.


Ejaz-e-Quran Online Academy is a platform dedicated to providing accessible and interactive online Quranic education, fostering a global community of learners on a journey of spiritual enrichment.

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